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New publication: Hands on European Citizenship

Jul 13th 2011
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Sharing experience on how to work with and on European Citizenship in the framework of the Youth in Action Programme was at the heart of the working conference «Hands on European Citizenship» — a gathering of programme stakeholders wanting to explore how concepts and practices of European Citizenship can be translated into and operationalised for the Youth in Action Programme.

Documenting the discourse around European Citizenship is the ambition of this resulting publication, a direct outcome of the working conference. It brings together previous thinking and writing with current questions and ideas. While it can be read in sequence, it is also intended to function as a reference document. Readers who are unfamiliar with the concept of European Citizenship—in general or in the context of the Youth in Action Programme—may find it useful to start with a glance at the educational framework and project characteristics.

The diversity of programme stakeholders who contributed to the conference and this publication—trainers, organisers and researchers, national agencies and youth councils, organisations and institutions, programme users and support centres—has been a strong ‘hands on!’–support in developing this handbook.

We are looking forward to your feedback and hope you will enjoy the read!

Download the publication “Hands on European Citizenship” — pdf, 2.5 MB

Image credits: Lilia Obletsova at, Creative Commons License

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