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Apr 15th 2008
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Spiffy welcomes you all

Hello everyone!

We are really glad that you are here — and we are really excited about the possibility for you to finally be here! At long last, this platform on European Citizenship has arrived… And while much remains to be done, it’s not so bad is it?

Thanks for coming by!

» A new platform around European Citizenship

Where does this come from?

The topic of European Citizenship has gained a high political importance in the youth policies and programmes of both the Council of Europe and the European Commission over the past years. Given the growing importance of this topic for both partner institutions, the Partnership on Youth has developed a large number of training activities, publications and research activities in the field of European Citizenship.

The flagship activities in this field are of course the training courses on European Citizenship — and over the years, hundreds of youth professionals took part in different pilot courses, modules and network trainings.

It was about time for a platform around all this activity, don’t you agree?

The aim of this website

Through this portal, the institutions and their partners would like to offer a central point of information, exchange, feedback, and reflection to former and future participants of trainings on European Citizenship as well as social workers, NGO activists, researchers, policy makers and citizens.

The forces behind this website

This website on «European Citizenship» is a joint initiative of the Partnership on Youth, Salto, Connect Youth and Frankly Speaking. You can read more about the partners here.

While they have provided the financial, administrative and technological incentive, support and expertise for this portal to come about, the contents of this website comes from many different groups, courses, experiences and people, including you.

How to use this website

Well, who would be better able to decide that than yourself? We hope to have organised the information on this website in self-explanatory and easy-to-navigate ways. We will continue to add information, to stay up-to-date with recent developments and discussions.

There are two easy ways to stay up-to-date: you can use the RSS feed — and your feedreader of choice will notify you automatically about new contents on the site — or you can subscribe by email to receive notifications about additions and changes directly into your inbox.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch. We appreciate your ideas and suggestions!

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One Comment

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